The project

Night Lights (Les Veilleuses) is a joint project by Erasmus Hospital and the agency MAPS, designed to highlight the daily work of health workers.
Its implementation began a few months before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Capturing the immaterial and fleeting nature of what makes certain ordinary gestures human is not easy, which is why professionals from different backgrounds (doctors, nurses, journalists, photographers, directors and scriptwriters) are grouped together around this project. The collection of images and testimonials both in Belgium and in other countries will allow us to put into perspective what makes the common bases of this profession, to attest to its intimate and collective scope. The Belgian anchoring of the project aims to bear witness to the political and technical circumstances that are currently weakening the very meaning of this profession in a country that should have the necessary resources to preserve it at all times.

We hope that this cross-examination will make it possible to amplify and relay the observations that the players in the world of health have been aware of for years, without always being able to bring them to light.

Telling the story of the care of the most fragile, follow those who work daily to preserve it, that is the objective of Night Lights (Les Veilleuses).

About MAPS

MAPS combines the structure of a photo agency with the shared values of a collective. MAPS is a touchpoint for cross platform initiatives in the arts, in journalism, in education, and in publishing. We work together on multidisciplinary projects that push the boundaries of the photographic medium.

At our core are the individuals who form MAPS. We are photographers with different backgrounds and areas of interests, and creative professionals in publishing, design, and education.



Production and coordination:
Virginie De Wilde (Erasmus Hospital),
Laetitia Ganaye (MAPS)

Laetitia Ganaye, Jon Levy,
Louis Van Ginneken

Web and graphic design:
Benoît Closon, Nicolas Rome

Pictures and videos:
Justyna Mielnikiewicz / MAPS,
Dominic Nahr / MAPS,
Gaël Turine / MAPS


Justyna Mielnikiewicz

Maia Makharashvili, CEO at S.Khechinashvili University Hospital
Guga Kashibadze, Head of Tbilisi Burns Center at S.Khechinashvili University Hospital
Team of Doctors and Nurses at Tbilisi Burns Center

Dominic Nahr

A big thank you to all the patients who let me photograph them.
For their patience and trust of allowing me to follow the Nurses during their work
Mrs. Gambarini, Spitex Zürich Sihl
Mrs. Pierson, Spitex Zürich Sihl

For setting everything up
Martin Radtke · Head of Marketing and Communication, Spitex Zürich Sihl
Patricia Hürlimann· Teamcoach, Spitex Zürich Sihl

For helping me brainstorm and making the first introductions
Gilles Steinmann, Director of Photography at Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Gaël Turine

Virginie De Wilde, Chief of Hematology Unit at Erasmus Hospital, initiator of the project Les Veilleuses
Beatrice Leruste, Chief of Geriatric Unit at Erasmus Hospital
The whole staff of the Geriatric Unit, Erasmus Hospital
The patients I met in the Geriatric Unit